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Deadshot Painters LLC is a Veteran owned, Las Vegas operated home interior painting business. We offer high quality painting services. We operate under the guidance of slow is smooth and smooth is fast. No job is too big!

We offer free quotes and competitive prices. Our professionals can help your dream space come to fruition. 

Not only do we pay attention to details but we will go above and beyond to make your experience with us unforgettable.

I started this business because I believe hard work gives not only me but my clients something to be proud of. 

Being able to provide a service that makes people happy and making them proud of the environment they live in

is all that I need to keep painting. I'm very ambitious and like a house, painting is only one of the many things that

can get done around a home.

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Deadshot Accurate, Picture Perfect.

Let's talk before we get to work.

Ready to get started?

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Las Vegas, NV


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